A Few Words About Me

First I would like to welcome you to my blog site, the main reason for this blog site is to keep my documentation in some place, and maybe help others on the way, this is my personal blog, and is not in any way sponsored by my current employee nor the solutions or providers that you will read about in this blog.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog, and find it useful.

Haflidi Fridthjofsson is an Icelandic Technical fellow, a Senior Consultant currently working for Avanade in Norway,  with 10 years of experience in IT, has a wonderful fiancé and is father of two.

Computers and now IT has been his hobby since he was just a little boy, first contact with computers was at age of 4.

His first job experience with computers was on a computer repair workshop, where he mostly troubleshooted and repaired Consumer and business Dell Computers, and on occasions Dell Business Servers among other related work.


Working for almost 3 years in hardware repairs Haflidi was promoted to Field Service Technician, there he worked as a System Administrator for the customer, going between company’s, working with different server environments, setups and problems. The main focus was to deliver a customer satisfied job, fixing problems, helping the end user with his daily usages of computers, installing all kinds of office equipment’s, improving computer systems by implementing new solutions and overall support of multiple workloads in multiple environments, in the beginning of his Field service work he also got to know, learn and gather information in the early stages of Office 365, he was one of the first Technician to implement and design a Office 365 environment for the customer, while working for his previous employee in Iceland, after countless of environments delivered, he was promoted to Team Leader while also working on architecture, design and implementation of Office 365 environments.

Working for 3 years in Field Service, the department was merged with another department at the same company, and Haflidi was promoted to Team Leader and System Administrator Hosting Services, after working for few months as a Team Leader and System Administrator, Haflidi decided to step down as a Team leader to focus more on his development in managing hosted server environments both in on-premise Data centers and on Azure Platforms.

2 years later Haflidi and his family decided to expand their horizon and move to Norway, Haflidi landed a job as Senior Consultant in Infrastructure Talent Community at Avanade Norway working mostly and focusing on Modern Workplace and Azure Infrastructure.